Information in English

Information in English

About the Children´s Center
The Children’s Center Villa Infantil Vida Nueva is a institution for children in Bolivia, who cannot live at home. Some parents cannot afford to have the children at home and others are orphans. Today, about 35 children live at the center, ranging from 2 to 19 years old. Some children have several siblings with them and others are alone.

Boliviavännernas insamlingsstiftelse has been involved in the Children’s Center since the mid- 1980s. The center is mainly run through sponsorship from Sweden and funds are sent to the operation every month. The initiative for the center was taken by the missionaries Birgith and William Lamberth, who started an orphanage in the church’s premises in Quillacollo in the early 1980s. As the orphanage grew, they built the Children’s Center with help from Sweden, in the late 1980s.

Villa infantil Vida Nueva is located in the city of Quillacollo. The town lies on a plateau 2570 meters above sea level, surrounded by high mountains. The highest peak – Tunari (5200 m) – is visible from the property. In the large property of 17000 m2 are 5 houses in each 10-12 children lives with a guardian. There are also an administration building, playgrounds, a fotball field, farming area and more.  The center grows there own crops, like maize, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets and carrots.

The children go to schools located nearby. There are preschool classes and grades 1-9. The aim is that all children get a good education to succeed in the outside community.

How do I become a sponsor?
The cost of a child at the Children’s Center is about 1300 SEK. Each child may have several sponsors who pay 100-500 SEK per month (10-50 Euro) As a sponsor you can pay monthly or quarterly. If you want to contribute with a one time donation, you choose the amount you wish to contribute for yourself. Both large and small contributions are welcome! Every little helps.

Sponsorship money will be used for the operation of the Children’s Center, which amongst other things includes food, clothing, education and care by domestic staff. You can also send your child money for Christmas or the child’s birthday, if you wish, which then is used for something special or deposited into each child’s account.

The money should be transferred to our bank giro 846-8126. For payment from abroad to our Nordea bank account, use the following; IBAN number: SE45 9500 0099 6034 0368 7977 (to be written up in payment) BIC / SWIFT code: NDEASESS with their name and the month / period the money relates to. If payment is made via the Internet, we automatically get name and address of the sender – otherwise please indicate this as well.

Of course, you can at any time terminate your sponsorship. We appreciate if you can notify us if you decide to cancel your commitment by sending an email or letter/postcard to us.

Each month we send out 5300 USD to the operating cost of the Children’s Center. Once a quarter we send out the birthday money received and any extra money. Today we have six houses and a total of about 50 children and teenagers. With the bank payments we also send an email to the manager at Children’s Center (Mr Johnny Montaña) with a specification of where the money should go. We always ask for a confirmation that the money arrived, and we receive it via email.

Each year, new photographs are taken of the children and sent to sponsors with a personal letter from each child.

The fundraising foundation in Sweden has a policy to send out every two or three years representatives from Sweden to Bolivia and the Children’s Center to review the activity.